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Waiter Pad for Datasym RMS Manager

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WAITER PAD FOR DATASYM RMS MANAGER *************************************************** This app is required to manage restaurant and menu details for users of Waiter Pad for Datasym electronic waiter pad - Waiter Pad for Datasym is also available for download *************************************************** Waiter Pad for Datasym RMS Manager provides a restaurant all the management facilities required to manage tables, menu categories and menu items along with popups for each menu item for use with Waiter Pad for Datasym - the electronic waiter pad. RMS Manage supports the creation of menus including menu popups for each menu item. Menu descriptions and suggested wines may be attached to each item, helping your waiters provide excellent customer service. Popups are displayed on Waiter Pad automatically, providing not only speedier order management but prompts the waiter for potential up sell from the menu. Multiple popups may be configured against a menu item also and popups may be configured as single or multiple selections. Popups may also be configured as item additions or item removes for full flexibility. APP INSTALLATION You may download and install Waiter Pad for Datasym RMS Manager to your iPad for a full feature version of the App. To help understand how RMS Manager functions, you may connect to the Waiter Pad trial service with the following access details. Restaurant matching 'Full Operation' mode Account : 1001 User Name : wp1002 User Password : demo Restaurant matching 'Bar Operation' mode Account : 1001 User Name : wp1009 User Password : demo A wifi connection is required to download restaurant settings and menus. For a full, live Waiter Pad solution contact us at for details on integrating with your existing Datasym Point of Sale solution or to discuss deploying in your restaurant, bar or club. WAITER PAD FOR DATASYM Waiter Pad for Datasym is a modern handheld ordering solution that connects via WiFi to a restaurant’s hospitality system; recording and transmitting customer orders to preparation areas, as well as instantly updating the restaurant's Point of Sale (DPOS). Using an iPod touch, Waiter Pad enables restaurant staff to effortlessly capture orders while at the customer’s side allowing them to focus more on customer service rather than the journey between table and DPOS terminal simply to process orders. This saves time, both for the restaurant and for the customer, which in turn increases efficiency and enhances profitability. Datasym has a 30 year track-record of delivering innovative and cost-effective retail, hospitality and catering solutions: from single outlets to major national businesses and NHS Trusts.