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Microwriting iPad implementation, Chording keyboard Qwerty replacement. Touch-Type with just one hand and send the resulting text by email directly from the app or copy in to others.

What is SiWriter ?

SiWriter lets you take notes by typing with just one hand, the other can hold the iPad. This is not 'hunt and peck' one finger poking, SiWriter provides finger-tip positioned active key areas on an iPad's screen which you tap in easily remembered combinations. This will produces all the letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols of the standard (Latin 2) character set - that is, everything an English reader would expect to have available.

The SiWriter is not a new idea, cool it certainly is, but it is not new. In use it looks like the 'Padds' in Sci Fi, people tend to notice as you rattle away SiWriting notes on an iPad, they won't hear you though, it is as silent as your fingertips.

The SiWriter app is a software implementation of the CyKey from Bellaire Electronics .

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