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All events are recorded to your iPhone... All in One Note App.
It is all in one this with schedule,ToDo,diary,schedule & memories of the trip...

TimeLineNote displays all events by a timeline. It arrange a memory, a schedule, a diary neatly.

By the group function of TimeLineNote, the records of the trip are one reading, too. The memory of the trip revives realistically, too.

It is not only a photo that You can record it. It supports a video. Furthermore, as for the sound recording.

By an alarm function, TimeLineNote can notify you of a plan.

A group and menu function usable usefully
The search of the note from a menu
Please always use ShowMode and search feature of the Menu.
It is not necessary that planned confirmation and the confirmation of the notice scroll and look for it.
It is jumped by a Menu to an objective note!

Furthermore, a graffiti function is equipped with
You can scribble on a photo. The pleasure of the record of the trip doubles, too!
The graffiti displays it or not it.
You share the photo which You scribbled on, and there is being enough.

You use the graffiti function effectively, and, please make a pleasant TimeLineNote.

All the data save it in your iPhone.

Using a share function, a share is possible in twitter or facebook!

[About positional information]
TimeLineNote record positional information and the photo in the application particularly.
To a photo stored within application, TimeLineNote do not save the Exif information & positional information at all.
Because you must completely use a function of the application, please validate the positional information function by all means.
You can use one navigation function of GoogleMaps for convenience including the start if you input a destination!

[About the use of the network]
Network connection is necessary for the acquisition of the address information and the acquisition of the positional information.
When TimeLineNote acquire the address, TimeLineNote transmit latitude and longitude to a server of apple and acquire an address.
In addition, there is not the network connection.

[About a photo]
To a photo stored within application, TimeLineNote do not save the Exif information & positional information.
You can share the photo safely.

Exif information is with it and stores a function to store in a cameraroll to the photo which You turned on, but does not record the positional information.
When You add TimeLineNote later, it allows you to use it usefully because TimeLineNote can acquire a photo day.

When You register the photo which You took with a digital camera except iPhone, TimeLineNote automatically set a photo day on a date when there is Exif information.

[How to use of the beginning]
1.You tap an all button displayed by the top and make a group and choose it.
2.You take a photo with a camera of the application afterward and take an animation.

[How to use example]
Trip to Kyoto and group making.
You register a plan. (shops of the transfer of the train and the guide) if use alarm setting in timings on the train, get on, and forget it, and prevent it.
The navigation of GoogleMaps can start one possibility if You register a destination

A planned note transforms itself into the blog of the trip in no time if You take a photo and a video!

[Further how to use]
●If You take a photo of the divergence of the way by mountain climbing or hiking and write an arrow, You can record an action like a mountain climbing route guide.
●Can it use information at the time of the course walking such as races to make logging?

How to use on your idea.