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War Of Light

iPhone / iPad
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The story happened in the 100000000 years after the worlds. When humans have to open up a new planet, as early as 1000 years ago, humans have in the development of new light sources, new star gives life to give. But one day the alien upon hearing the news. To attempt to destroy the source, if you are a smart, brave the Savior, hurry to join ~ protection light source ( each game player in order to ensure the fairness and the balance of the game, this game is canceled in app purchase, game player need to rely more on their own wisdom and perseverance to protect the light source ).

故事发生在1亿年以后的星球世界上。当时人类已经有开拓新的星球的能力,早在1千年前人类已经在研发新的光源,来给新的星球赋予生命 。但是有一天外星人得知这个消息后。企图想破坏这个光源,如果你是位富有智慧、勇敢的救世主, 赶紧来加入吧~~保护光源(为了保证每位玩家的公平和游戏的平衡性, 此游戏取消了in app purchase, 玩家需要更多的依靠自己的智慧和毅力来保护这个光源).