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Flight planner 5000 is our premium flight planning product for Australian where comprehensive and accurate flight planning is required. It is used extensively by private pilots thru to airline operators. Versions of the software offer coverage for Australia and New Zealand, and a WORLD version has coverage for the pacific region, Africa , Europe, Scandinavia, the UK, Canada, Alaska, Russia and all international airports across the globe - over 30,000 airports/waypoints.


* Extensive waypoint/airfield database including all NAVAIDS for Australia.
* VFR and IFR planning, including LSALTS.
* Graphical Weight & Balance.
* All IFR routes and NAVAIDS for Australia & New Zealand.
* Grid lowest safe altitudes for most of the world.
* Google Earth route map display.
* Over 280 sample aircraft included.

FP5000 Lite Functionality:

* Maximum of 5 saved flight plans and 5 waypoints in a flight plan for the Lite version.
* NAIPS access for weather & NOTAMS.

Its companion product, Flight Planner 3000, is available for Windows based PC's and is well established as a premium flight planning solution.

Privacy Policy:
We strictly adhere to our policy relating the the privacy of personal information provided to us by our users. NO personal information will be provided to any other client or external party by us.

Terms of Use:
The software we distribute is provided as is and is not guaranteed to be completely accurate or error free at the time of distribution. We do our very best to ensure that the software operates according to accepted industry standards and that the data provided is as accurate as possible. Users should always check the results or information provided by this software prior to use.