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Practical Decorating Diaries for Young People

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Are you well prepared before decoration? Do you budget or plan before decoration?
Have you ever noticed the details during decoration?
Are you satisfied with the results after the decoration is finished?
The young author takes his personal decorating experience as clues, recording the whole decoration process in detail. He notes the construction specification and the selection of the decoration materials, etc. This app illustrates decoration process and the considerations, even provides solutions to any problem you might encounter in decoration
With classic decoration cases, HD pictures and descriptions, this app is easy to follow. It has great referential value magazine for owners who are about to decorating without decoration experience.

【Characteristics of the app】

Detailed descriptions
Hundreds of HD pictures of decoration cases
Interactive reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I have never decorated a home before, and I even don’t know where to start. This app taught me how to decorate.
--- xiao qing

There are many decorating tips, which are very useful.

Processes and considerations for decoration are all covered, this app is very useful.

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