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iFlap: Clinical Problem Solving in Reconstructive Surgery

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iFlap is an innovative, content-rich, tablet-based app for clinical problem solving in reconstructive surgery. This app features 86 tissue reconstruction “flap” surgeries that are used to reconstruct most defects. The underlying structure of this app is a clinical-based algorithm that provides surgeons a suggested short list of flap surgeries appropriate for specific reconstructive problems.

These flap surgeries can also be accessed via an index or comprehensive search feature. High-resolution illustrations and 2-D animations are used to demonstrate the details of the anatomy, dissection steps, and arcs of rotation for each tissue flap surgery. Key features are highlighted in the sidebar for easy reference. Many of the flaps also include high-quality streaming videos on Anatomic/Markings, Dissection Steps, or Tips & Tricks. For ease of access, an index of these videos is also available.

The user experience on the tablet is graphic, interactive and intuitive. This makes the app a dynamic, valuable resource tool that is quick, portable, accessible and easy to use.

Key Features & Benefits:

82 clinical algorithms (i.e. tissue defects)
86 flaps for reconstructive surgery
496 illustrations depict anatomy, markings, and flap dissection
82 animations show arcs of rotation
23 Anatomy/Markings videos
24 Dissection Steps videos
30 Tips & Tricks videos
Bookmarking and comprehensive search capabilities
A “My Notes” section for your personal notes, ideas and thoughts for future reference
Optimized and available only for tablets at this time
Comprehensive and full featured