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ENEVATE E-mobility

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ENEVATE E-mobility

The European Network of Electric Vehicles and Transferring Expertise (ENEVATE) is the result of a European partnership between universities, training centres, R&D centres, non-profit organisations (Clusters & Development Agencies) and companies involved in the electric mobility sector in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Thanks to the framework of the Interreg IV programme established by the European Commission, this initiative is mostly supported by public authorities. Furthermore, this project aims to facilitate and support the accelerated and well-informed introduction of electric mobility in North West Europe, through structured transnational cooperation between public authorities and business representatives. The main goals are to contribute to the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions and boost innovation and competitiveness.

A good way to achieve these objectives is to share the results of its research in meetings, conferences and training courses. This book seeks to meet the expectations of people wishing to launch or get involved in projects concerning electric vehicles. It takes you on a journey through all these past events and invites you to discover the key factors and best practices of the E-mobility concept. To help you to understand the complexity of this topic and avoid common issues, this work mainly focuses on the training incorporated throughout this project. Three themes have, therefore, been established:
• “The development of new supply chains for electric vehicles and prospects in regions of North West Europe”;
• “Electric vehicle infrastructure – using the ENEVATE Toolkit”;
• “Socio-technical transitions and electric vehicles”.

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