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Social Skills Play – Interactive and fun social scenarios for Preschool, Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome and Special Needs.

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A fun social skills (play) app designed by a Speech Pathologist to help your child to interact and communicate appropriately with other children. This app includes:

* 6 Popular play scenarios

* Each with multiple interactions

* A huge variety of answers for your child to compare and choose whether the interaction is appropriate or inappropriate

* Ability to use the skills learnt to record an interaction with the cute characters in the app and then listen to this interaction playback

About the app:

To use this application tap on the scenario that your child wishes to use and they will be presented with two options:

* Listen and Learn

* Talk to a Friend

‘Listen and Learn’ provides an opportunity to identify correct and incorrect responses based on pre-recorded questions and answers, rewards are given for correct answers. Incorrect answers will be replayed to provide an opportunity for your child to choose the correct answer.

The ‘Listen and Learn’ session provides examples of positive interactions that can be used in the section ‘Talk to a Friend’.

‘Talk to a Friend’ allows your child to record a response to the pre-recorded questions. After each interaction the record feature automatically captures their response for five seconds, which allows you to replay and analyse their interaction once all 6 interactions have been recorded.


To use Listen and Learn:

* Your child will be presented with several interactions between two characters, each time they will be presented with either an appropriate interaction or an inappropriate interaction.

* Your child will choose the green happy face at the bottom left of the screen if the interaction is appropriate or the red sad face at the bottom right of the screen if the interaction is inappropriate.

* If the correct answer is selected your child will be rewarded with an auditory praise “Well done!”. If they select the incorrect response they will hear “Try again!”. They will then be presented with the same interaction again so they can choose the correct response to develop their understanding.

To use Talk to a Friend:

* The character will interact with your child 6 times.

* After each interaction the record feature automatically commences for five seconds to allow your child to respond to the interaction.

After completing all 6 questions you will be presented with the following options:

* Play audio – If you choose this you can listen back to the audio and interactions. This will play back continuously; however can be paused to allow you to discuss the response provided with your child.

* Take the time to discuss how the interaction went. Did your child interact appropriately? Discuss with them the positive and/or negative points of the interaction and where necessary get them to repeat the activity.

* Play again – If you choose this you can repeat the ‘Talk to a Friend’ activity.

* Main Menu – If you choose this you will be returned to the home screen which allows your child to choose between the 6 play scenarios and the option to ‘Listen and Learn’ or ‘Talk to a Friend’.

We hope that this app assists with the development of foundation skills for your child when interacting with other children in different play scenarios.