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Poker Gravity Collection

iPhone / iPad
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POKER GRAVITY COLLECTION is a 5-in-1 poker solitaire game collection.

Totally free!! No in-app purchases.

POKER DROP - Select 5 cards to form a hand from a random 7x7 grid of cards. The hand is then scored as a standard Poker Hand and is then removed from play. All remaining cards fall into place.

PERPETUAL POKER - Pick 5-card poker hands from a 6x6 grid. After the hand scores as a standard Poker Hand it will be removed from the board and the remaining cards and replacement cards will fall into place and the game continues.

POKER PLUNGE - Fill the top row with five cards. When full the top row will fall onto the play field. The bottom row will then be complete and will score like a standard 5-card Poker Hand.

POKER WATERFALL - Place cards one-at-a-time in the top-most row. When that row is full it will fall into place. Any rows filled with 5 cards are scored. Cards that contribute to a score (like a pair) will then disappear and the remaining cards will fall into place. If any rows are complete then they will score in a cascading effect. If a row is completed with no score (no pair or better) then that row is BLOCKED.

GRAVITY POKER - You drop cards one-by-one into a 5x5 grid. Which column they go in is up to you but gravity will dictate which row they end up in. Each row and each column is scored as a poker hand. The objective is to maximize the sum of the scores of all 10 hands (five row ands and five column hands).