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InnerLenz helps individuals, partners and couples, adults, or children to:
oGain insight.
oMake better decisions.

InnerLenz is an interactive, tactile, visual tool that creates synergistic maps that can help you fully manage your life.

Therapists use InnerLenz with their clients to take clinical work to a deeper level.

Since InnerLenz allows you to create customized images, its use is only limited by your imagination!

How to use InnerLenz

The app uses a variety of personalized glyphs, or icons, created and moved about on a circular field.

Glyphs represent issues you want to work with. The concentric rings represent your personal sphere of influence, or a container for holding the issues you want to examine.

Use your intuition to place the glyphs where the issues reside in your current life. Glyphs placed near the center consume more personal resources—time, energy, or money—than glyphs placed further away.

With the app loaded on your I-Pad, use your finger to move the glyphs toward or away from the center and other glyphs. This motion gives a sense of whether the glyph should eventually reside closer to, or further away, from the center. Use arrows to indicate the direction.

Place glyphs outside the field or in the ‘parking lot,’ for issues you want to work on later.

Sources Behind the Inspiration for InnerLenz.

InnerLenz was developed from a variety of concepts and ideas developed including: sociometry & psychodrama (Jacob L. Moreno), archetypal psychology (Carl Jung), career development, 12-step theory, Buddhism, and other sources. We believe InnerLenz is the first app that utilizes J.L. Moreno’s sociometry principles.

Other uses for InnerLenz

InnerLenz can help you:

oChoose and maintain your “inner circle.”
oBetter understand addictions.
oCreate and manage a “bucket list.”
oAssess a career change or other important decisions.
oUnderstand the 12-Step process.
oUnderstand the stages of coming out.

Use InnerLenz with kids to help them understand and deal with bullying and it can help them make better choices.

InnerLenz Helps Reveal Valuable Insights Over Time

To achieve the most value use InnerLenz routinely. The snapshot feature allows you to save your images so you can reveal changes made over time.

Future Versions

It will take a community to help InnerLenz evolve into the best app that it can be. Go to and submit your stories on how you use InnerLenz along with your ideas for making it even better!