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Avon Bug Guard HD

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How fast are your fingers? You’re about to find out.

Winged pests are swarming the parks, BBQs, schoolyards and beaches, and it’s up to you to stop them. You are the last line, the final shield against bites and stings, the defender of outdoor fun, the protector of every man, woman and child…you and your bug spray that is. Armed with an array of powerful Avon Bug Guard repellents, your job is to spray the swarms’ favourite targets—everyone in sight—to ward off the little biters and send them packing.

Avon Bug Guard is a fast paced game that puts your finger speed to the test as you tap the people milling about in each level to spray them with repellent. Earn score multipliers for speed, and if you’re fast enough to catch them, snag power ups for boosts like non-stop spray and extra protection. Don’t sacrifice your accuracy though. Misses count against your total and can put an early end to your bug-repelling career.

Avon Bug Guard includes eight levels of increasingly difficult action with two bonus levels, if you’re good enough to reach them.