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LSPoly is a Least Squares Polynomial Regression App, created to aid in the reduction of experimental data to polynomial representations of order [0..5]. The data and polynomial curves are presented in a color-coded graphic together with the percent root mean square (rms) error for each polynomial. The user may also add error bars to the input data points and rms error bands to the polynomial curves to aid in selecting the "best" one.

The user may enter up to 500 data points for analysis. Although the data input windows show only ten data points at a time, an auto-scaling vertical slider allows the user to examine and edit all data. The user has a choice of three keyboard layouts, including the default iPad numerical keyboard and two custom numerical keypads.

The input data and results may be saved to, and retrieved from, text files accessible through a computer's iTunes app. Screen images may be captured to the iPad's Photos app and printed to AirPrint-capable printers.

To protect against accidental data loss, LSPoly has an autosave feature which automatically backs up the input data whenever any input window is exited.