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Speech Racer Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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SPEECH RACER is the first speech therapy app to use speech recognition to grade articulation!

“This is very exciting. This is the direction we need speech technology to go.”
-Sam Fletcher, Ph.D., SLP-CCC, AUD.

"This is light years ahead of anything else out there."
-K. Hart M.S. CCC-SLP

START YOUR ENGINES! Speech Racer Lite has raced into the future of speech apps by changing traditional “R” therapy into an engaging and responsive game! Your child won’t want to stop practicing as he or she hears the roar of the engine and the thrill of the finish line with each correctly articulated word.

Designed as a reinforcement tool for children and youth who struggle to pronounce the “R” sound consistently, Speech Racer is the first and only speech recognition and articulation grading software in speech therapy! Speech Racer listens to a user’s actual speech, breaks down the spoken word or phrase, analyzes the quality of the “R” sound in the sample, and provides a visual score on 1 of 4 racing meters.

Speech Racer Lite provides immediate reinforcement for proper “R” productions as well as feedback for approximated attempts. With self-monitoring and visual feedback, students can solidify their understanding of proper speech patterns and develop consistent speech habits that will carry over into their everyday speech.

Put the “pedal to the metal” with your child’s progress of the “R” sound. Download Speech Racer Lite today!
Speech Racer Lite Features

Pit Stop (simple)
Lights (simple)

-Sound effects

Tutorials, FAQs, and hints available in the app
Register to receive tutorial videos


Speedometer (incremented, 27 levels)
Track (incremented, 27 levels)

-Sound effects
Bell, None (turn off sound effects)

- Word Lists
36 lists of “R” words!
Initial R, Vocalic R, Blends
Initial, Medial, Final positions

Card border changes colors to match scoring
Images and words on cards
Turn flashcards on or off
Randomize flashcards

Score words based on meter rating
Receive final session score and ratio
Flashcards change to match score

Practice difficult flashcards that were scored in one of the three categories (Red, Yellow, Green)
Review contributes to the session final score

Use free, available online curriculum to identify target word lists and keep track of progress.

-Who is Speech Racer Lite for?
Speakers ages 6 years old and older who have difficulty saying the “R” sound consistently or in different word settings.

-How does speech recognition work in speech therapy?
Speech Racer Lite analyzes biofeedback through speech sounds. It measures the quality of the “R” sound in words and shows the user the quality of the “R” sound on one of the racing-themed “R” meters.

-Does Speech Racer Lite require in-app purchases?
There are no in-app purchases in Speech Racer Lite. The lite version is fully functional, although it does not have many of the features that are in the full version.