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排隊!香港人每一天都會遇到的情況!Foodgulu 致力為港人善用排隊用膳的時間。非一般的遙距攞飛程式和全球首創的飛數直播,讓我們相信舊式的餐廳門前排隊文化已正式被電子化取而代之!

Foodgulu 排隊黨、一個香港飲食文化革新軟件!主功能不但有我們熟悉的餐廳搜尋、評分和餐牌外,更加入群組分享,讓邀請朋友約會用膳加添一份樂趣!


日後,本公司希望繼續拓展,在程式上加入更多新元素,不斷提升服務和內容,如網上點餐、預定外送外賣等等。在沉悶 排隊用餐的時間裡,注入無限資訊和歡樂!

We wait at the queue for everything in our entire life. Foodgulu provides hongkongers an awesome opportunity to make good use of their dinning hours. We have invented a remote ticketing system built in with most cutting edge technology which is unprecedented in the Worldwide for real time queuing system. That leads us to believe that the convention way of queuing for tables in the front of the restaurant has become revolutionized by the digitalized format.

Foodgulu's "Queue up" is a most advanced application for Hong Kong dining experience. The main functions not only includes the most popular restaurant searching, reviews and online menu, but also adds a bit of fun by having a forum for experience sharing.

From the saving time point of view, we hope to deliver smartphone users and merchants a reliable application so that resources and time are being well make use of.

We are committed to evolve to an unique application filled with new elements, service upgrades and broader contents, such as online food ordering, online food delivery etc, so that the boring queuing time would become fun and enjoyable experience for our users.