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Soccer Odds Bible - Odds Insider Guides to live sports betting odds picks & livescores (including Champions League,Europa,UEFA,French Ligue 1,Eredivisie,German Bundesliga,Spanish Primera, Italian Serie A)

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Whether you bet football as a hobby or for a living, we all share one thing in common when we make up our mind to put our money down on a team - we want to win.

There is no 100% chance of winning a football bet at any given time, although it can come quite close with enough information. But there are certain traits to follow if you want football-betting to prove a profitable venture for yourself in the long run.

In other words, you might not always be able to win every battle, but you can definitely win the war.

There is more to football betting than just selecting which team you think will win. There is a whole host of statistics, probability and mathematical models behind the scene. The use of analytical methods we suggest here have strong backup from scientific basis. Many professional punters developed their unique system from these knowledge and able to win a steady income in a long run. If you can develop a system that would help lower your risk and increase hit rate, in other words, you can win this war with the bookies in the long run.

Our guide is written by statistics researchers and experienced bookies who work long time in this industry. They will reveal secrets of the bookmarkers and provide professional advices for novice and intermediate bettors. Now, get into the mind of the bookies and our betting experts and pick up these important tips along the way.

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Our app include more than 22 chapters, including but not limited to the following topics:

Mathematical models on football betting
Advanced Betting probability
Understanding and translating odds
Know how the bookies make money
How to find guaranteed profit?
Introducing Asian odds and its importance
Learn about what ways bookies used to mislead us using cognitive bias
Different systems of Money Management
Tips about Spread Betting
How to identify Value Betting?
How Betting Exchange works and what is its significance for us?
Guide to in-play betting
Tips on Over/Under bet and Accumulators
How do we exploit movement of odds and win?
Advanced analysis using Asian odds movements
Introduction to phantom handicaps
Betting Guide to all major European Leagues
Useful Data Center
Bets to Avoid
etc, etc and more

Our app include many real life case studies to help you understand how to analysis each match, including cases from the latest 2012/2013 season. We will keep updating the real cases to provide more useful reference to users who are interested to understand more about this topic!

Good Luck!