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Name That Letter - a Phonics Game

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This app helps young learners identify the most common sounds made by letters in the English Alphabet. A short sentence is read as a fun illustration is shown. Choose the letter that makes the sound you heard most.

If you select an incorrect letter, it will be replaced by a red box with an "X" in it. Choose a different letter! When you select the correct letter, it will be shown by the illustration, along with the sentence. A voice will announce the correct letter and make that letter's most common sound. You can practice making the letter sound with the voice. Replay the letter sound as many times as you like.

When you are ready, press the green button in the lower right of the screen to go to the next sentence. Each letter of the alphabet will be presented once in a random order. When you have gone through all the letters, a short ending video will play. Then, you will return to the main menu, where you can play again. The letters will be in a different order each time!

The audio, video and illustrations in this app are from the full length Letter Sounds DVD by Rock 'N Learn. An audio & book version of Letter Sounds is also available on iTunes. Look for more Rock 'N Learn apps in the app store.