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iMoney Freedom - An Easy Way to Manage your Personal Finances

iPhone / iPad
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  • Finance
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iMoney Freedom presents a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive system designed to help you keep control of your financial life. Oversee your account balances, track your income and spending, keep budgets, and have your data synced among your iPhone and iPad via iCloud. Do it all in a straightforward and stylish interface.

Looking for an app to exit from the economic crisis? Do you want to achieve financial freedom?
iMoney Freedom is a practical and effective tool that will allow you to achieve your financial goals.

Easier than Ever! Finally, the Money Management made simple!

Here's the easiest and most effective money management system to help you achieve your financial freedom!

With iMoney Freedom you have at your disposal:

* Jars or accounts: teach you money management in a simple and functional way (to teach your mind to create wealth).
It is based on the division of monthly income in six different accounts (jars) for six different purposes, and the most important thing is to create a habit and daily attention to our goal of becoming financially free.

How it works?
For every dollar you earn after taxes, you sort it in the following six “jars” (or bank accounts), labeled as follows:

1. Freedom Jar (10%)
2. Saving Jar (10%)
3. Education Jar (10%)
4. Play Jar (10%)
5. Donation Jar (5% – 10%)
6. Living Jar (50% – 55%)

The system of jars is very simple, because it expects to train yourself to manage your money so that you can answer all your expenses, even those unforeseen, no wobble financially.

Your money will go to feed the different areas of your life. I bet you would not want to be rich without amusement, or rich, ignorant, or too much fun to find you on the streets shortly after. Every area of your life needs to be fed, in the right amount, in the right proportions.

* Dream: evolved board for your projects. The dream is divided into two sections: you can insert images of the goals you want to get, tracing also a brief description, and you can also make a detailed map of things to do in order to achieve what you want in your life.

* Affirmations: here you can enter a series of statements that give you power and strength.
You can also set a specific time as a reminder or alarm clock so that you can read every day (the incredible power of affirmations!).

• Automatic calculations on your incomes
• Personalize jar percentages
• Personalize jar labels
• Recurrences
• Graphs
• Chronology
• Multi-currency support - Are you abroad? You can insert expenses and earnings in all the currency of the world.
iMoney Freedom will convert the currency automatically

• Keep updated data between various devices has never been easier.
• Immediate synchronization - you do something on a device, and watch it appear on the other in a matter of seconds
• Works on WiFi and 3G
• Optimized for lower consumption data
• Completely safe

• Password protection - Insert a pin code. By doing this you will protect your private information
• Integrated live exchange rates enter your expenses and incomes in different currencies (over 150 different currencies available)
• Support for all world currencies
• Built in currencies conversion
• Automatic backup to iCloud
• Backup and restore on iCloud, Dropbox
• Exceptional Customer Support. Average response time is 2 hours

This application is available in English, Italian, French, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic.

ATTENTION: Any suggestion that you want to send to the email address will be considered for possible implementation in later revisions. Your suggestions will be valuable in order
to develop and improve the application continuously.

Please send an email to let us know every critical observation better than a negative rewiew.
In this way we can listen to you and solve every problem improving the application with a new revision.