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Play the world’s most popular dice game like you’ve never played before!
DiceCheet is the store’s only app featuring analysis of rolls and real-time dice recognition!
With this app you'll score better than ever!

“I always thought I was a perfect player but there are those surprising situations where DiceCheet suggests brilliant moves I couldn’t have thought of by myself!”

Mainly, this app is not a game - it is a tool that counsels you as a probability theorist and serves as a scorecard when playing the dice game with five dice! Apart from the app you need: Five dice. If you don’t want to type in the dice faces via touch screen, you will need white dice with black pips and a dark table or small table cloth to allow dice recognition via your camera. For detailed information see website.

GAMEPLAY (see video

• Select in menu (bottom right) cheat or sheet mode and the input mode (scan or manual mode)
• Start a new game with tap on the centered button
• (1) Choose which roll (1, 2 or 3) you want to consider (this number will be changed after every dice roll: in cheat mode 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-... and in sheet mode 3-3-3-3-3-3-...). This step is optional, normally you skip to the next step
• (2) Roll the dice and supply your results to the app
• (3) If the results are not correct (by mistyping or inaccurate scan) revert your input by tapping on the dice (iPhone: bottom, iPad: arrow button). If everything is fine, go to next step
• (4) All possible moves are displayed. Select one option. If the third dice roll is considered, the scoreboard will be shown (iPhone) and you can choose once again, how to score your dice.
After that, confirm your choice by tapping the check button. The roll counter will be changed (according to selected mode: in cheat mode to the next dice roll and in sheet mode always to the third dice roll)
• Repeat steps (1)-(4) until the end of the game is reached
• Repeat all above steps for a new game


The dice faces are recognized automatically by modern image recognition algorithms. For the best possible scan results follow the instructions below. It is also possible to type in your dice results manually with the available dice keyboard.


At any time DiceCheet lists all possible game moves, which are sorted after earning optimization taking into account all relevant dice thrown and decisions made before. So for every dice throw you get the information which is the optimal move.


In cheat mode - after the first or second dice throw - all possible game moves (which die should I leave, which die should I keep throwing) are displayed and sorted w.r.t. the expected value for the total sum. If you throw the dice a third time, you have to decide where to put your dice result in your scoreboard (e.g. 4-4-4-5-6 as fours or as three-of-a-kind?). Again the app shows all available score options sorted w.r.t. the earning optimization.


In sheet mode you use the app primarily as a scoreboard. You only scan (or type in) your dice result after every third dice throw and choose your favored option, which will be automatically inserted in your game sheet. And the best thing: If you are uncertain about your first or second choice you can use the same feature as in cheat mode and get a sorted list of expected values for your throw.


• Scan all five dice, even if you consider the second or third dice throw with less than five dice
• Use bright dice (white or ivory-colored) with black pips
• Use a dark (black), nonreflecting and single-colored (no pattern) surface
• Scan from a distance of approximately 5-6 inches as centered as possible and focus the dice slowly
• Use sufficient and indirect illumination