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Spectrum Online

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The Spectrum Online app allows users perform geographic searches of FCC frequency data within the US. Users can perform a broad spectrum search for all fixed transmitters in specific area by simply zooming to the location on a map.

The app utilizes a credit-based system and includes a limited amount of free credits. Each search that returns data costs 1 credit. Searches that return no data or results over the system limit do not use any credits. After the initial credits are used, additional credits can be purchased within the app.

Some of the services the Spectrum Online app can be used to find include the following:
* Police, Fire & Emergency services
* Utilities
* Local & State Government agencies
* Broadcasting
* Business & Commercial entities

* The searches will only contain data for fixed transmitters. Mobile or market-based licenses are not included.

* The data does not include frequency data for classified federal government or military data.