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Wannay: People finder for interests, activities

iPhone / iPad
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With Wannay you can connect with people anywhere in the world who have similar interests and tastes. You can chat and meet people in seconds, because the desire to share things you like already exists.


When you want to do something and you need more people to get involved. When you have any interest, hobby or thing you like,and you want to know more people to share experiences in common, although they are at the other end of the world. When you're doing something that requires collaboration with people close to or far away from you. When you want to enrich your relationships. When you belong to a community group or a global organization and all of you want to have their own private group to stay in touch and always being visible in maps.


-THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO YOUR WISHES . If you want to meet people for any activity or share any interest or taste you have, you do not have to search in menus and endless options. Just start typing what you want to do and we will propose you "Wannas" available for you to join and meet people. If you do not find what you want, write it down so everyone can see it and join.

-"TRAVEL" WORLDWIDE. When you join a "Wanna", you contact with people who are close to you, using the GPS of your device. But you also have the option to contact exclusively with people of any place in the world, manually entering an address. This option has a small fee, but once you used it, you can always continue using it without having to pay extra for any "Wanna" you want.

-YOU CHOOSE THE CONTACTS AND WHOM CONTACTS YOU. If for any of the "wannas" that you are targeting, you just want to be contacted by people of a particular gender, age range and that the search is done up to a certain distance only, you can adjust these conditions and only those people will appear, and of course if also fit heir preferences, so the mutual compatibility is very high.

-LIVE MAPS. Each "Wanna" has a map where you can see the locations of people who can be contacted. If you do not want to be seen by others on the map, you can easily do it and still you to contact them.

-CHAT IMMEDIATELY WITH PEOPLE YOU DISCOVER. You don´t need phone contacts or ask permission to chat with people you meet because you already share a "Wanna". Of course you can block people you are not interested in.

-PRIVATE .Groups friends and family. This functionality is also very attractive because you can have groups of people you know well and keep in touch with them wherever they are. Also there are no limits to the number of members of the Group. You can see on the map where your children are, parents, friends, employees. Of course we all also have the option to not appear on maps.

-BE ANONYMOUS. To register for Wannay we do not need to know your full name. So others will only know your username, gender and profile picture choosen. However if you wish you can fill in your profile with your full name, phone number, website so others can see it and contact you through these channels.

Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

We hope that this application will be useful and fun and that it becomes essential for all. It is a very powerful application, use it with responsibility. If you have a comment or question, please email to the following address: