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Synthetiltzer is…
1. An FM, AM, and additive synthesis synthesizer...
2. which offers a unique and special control layout...

//Synthetiltzer is made to be played and enjoyed\\

With controls that are based off that of a keyboard, learning to play Synthetiltzer can be very fast. In addition to that, the keys are large, and allows you to tap on them very accurately with confidence. Playing over different octaves can be done with simple movements of the wrists, tilting your device left and right. These features are what make Synthetiltzer unique, offering extreme playability with little effort.

//Play a wide variety of sounds\\
FM synthesis is a type of sound synthesis that has been used in many synthesizers since the 1980s, and is praised for being able to create many unique sounds that were unattainable by synthesizers using older analog methods.

With 4 FM operators, 8 algorithms, with fully customizable 9-point envelopes; Synthetiltzer can synthesize many unique sounds. FM synthesis is fun to learn, and you can enjoy creating your own sounds, playing them, and sharing* them, too!

(Along with the FM operators are also 2 AM modulators and a special “Hammond” additive synthesis unit)

Synthetiltzer also comes with 10 default presets, so you can start playing right away!

//Full list of features\\

-Large keys, simple to tap and play
-Keys are arranged like those of a keyboard; learning is easy
-Tilt to change octaves
-7-octave range
-pitch bend, and dynamic feedback control

Sound Synthesis
-Share sounds via AirDrop and Email
-4 FM operators
.fully customizable 9-point envelopes
.8 algorithms
.feedback control on operator 4
.fully customizable 9-point envelopes
-2 AM modulators
.used for more modification of the sound
.Is good for making sounds sound sharper
-more advanced settings
.additional unit with more waveforms, and more…

Play it nice, play it well, play it here, play it there.

Music should be able to flow everywhere!

*sharing is done via AirDrop and Email


**Best run on iPhone 4S and above.
**Updates will add more features
****iPhone 4 users are limited to 2 FM operators; operator 1 and 2, due to hardware constraints