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The Asclepion App will significantly improve the comfort of the usage of your Asclepion device in your clinic. It provides informative tutorials on the treatments possible with the system, allows you to manage your clients easily with your iPad and supports you conveniently during the treatment.

This APP requires hardware from Asclepion. More information on:

App Menu:
- Home
- Treatment
- Client CRM
- Library
- Asclepion Web
- Statistics
- Settings

The Treatment screen guides you through the different parameters settings, suggesting the right ones for each indications.

Through the Client CRM screen you will be able to create new patients, add treatment protocols to them and save information about the performed treatments (such as date, parameters, before and after pictures, important notes, etc).

Browse the Library and learn more about the treatments possible with the system. For each indication you will get here information on how to prepare the skin, how to perform the treatment, aftercare and contraindications, as well as tips and hints. Furthermore the Library allows you to watch treatment videos and see before and after pictures.

You can also surf the Asclepion website through the Web function.

With your Asclepion QuadroStarPRO device you can work with different modes (BASIC, EXPERT, SCANNER, CW and VARIX) and you can perform a lot of treatments, including Telangiectasia, Nevi flammei, Lentigines, Epidermal nevi, Xanthelasmas and Sebaceous gland hyperplasia.

Please ask for more info and possibilities to use your Asclepion app getting in touch with Asclepion on, Facebook or Twitter.