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The Seven Divers الغواصون السبعة

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One day, seven of the strongest divers from across the Arabian Gulf came together. They cast their anchors off the coast of the city of Al Wasl and began to prepare their gear for an exciting joint diving expedition. The sole purpose of the expedition was to find a magical pearl which, according to legend, ‘shone so brightly that it could turn night into day, and wherever its light fell, the flowers bloomed and the birds sang’. Many divers claimed that the pearl had settled at the bottom of the sea and that mermaids guarded it. They said that its glow was so strong that divers were often dazzled by its radiance and always returned ashore empty-handed.
تنادى سبعةٌ من الغوّاصين الأشدّاءِ من أقصى الخليـجِ و أدناه، فرَسَتْ زوارقُهم على شــاطيِء مدينةِ (الوَصْل) ، و أخذوا يُعدّون العُدَّةَ لرحلةِ غوصٍ مشتركةٍ ، لا هدفِ لها إلاّ دانةٌ ذاتُ سحرٍ عجيبٍ، تقولُ الأساطيرُ : " إنّ بريقَها يحيلُ الّليلَ نهاراً، أينما أضاء تفتّحتِ الأزهـــارُ، و غرّدتِ الأطيارُ". ويزعمُ كثيـرٌ من الغـوّاصين أنّ الدُّرّةَ استقرّتْ في أعماقِ مَغَــاصـةٍ، تحرُسُها عرائسُ البحرِ، و كلّما سعَوا إليها بَهَرَ بريقُها الّلامعُ عيونَهم، فارتدّوا خائبين.