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Pirate Plot

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This app is a perfect game for children of 4 years and upwards. It teaches them concentration and attention to detail. They learn to use the keyboard and touch screen as well as reading and deduction skills. All this while having great fun playing Pirate Plot!

In this game app, you need to complete a series of activities to help the main characters save their friends from pirates. Find the hidden messages, crack the code and solve the mystery!

The story begins nearly 300 years ago, when Sir Roger Haverley organises a voyage in order to be the first explorer to find the Blue Frog Island, which has never been found before. Along with him and onboard the ship “Rosemary” are travelling an artist called William and a young cabin boy called Peter. With the help of a map Sir Roger has found, they are going to try to reach the island before the pirate Blackeye, who also has a copy of the map.

When Sir Roger and the ship “Rosemary” are kidnapped by the pirate Blackeye, William, Peter and Sir Roger’s dog, Millie, decide to go and rescue Sir Roger and the rest of the crew. To help them in their quest, Sir Roger leaves objects with his initials engraved on them so it is easier to find where he has been taken prisoner.

You will need a magnifying glass to help you search for clues. Touch anywhere on the picture to make the magnifying glass appear. Then drag it in any direction to find all the clues you need.

Will you be able to rescue Sir Roger and his crew? Will you find the Blue Frog Island after all? Crack the code and find out!