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Tamapin Byoom

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Let's Go! =3=3=3

Swish the train in Japan!

Kyoto! Osaka! Nagoya! Tokyo!!!

You'll see various nuisances on your way!
Can you manage to get to the goal of the station?

Tamapin Byoom is a simple but depthful game in which both adults and children can enjoy!!

*Targeted age group * 6 years old and over.

Tamapin Byoom is the game in which you operate the train and make it get to the station. How to manipulate it is very easy. Like you play marbles, just flick the train once (flick the train to the side), then the train starts running toward the goal (the station). Though, on the way to the station, various obstacles awaite, so you need to overcome those obstacles and get to the station safely.

*the feature of the game *
*A simple operation that you only make the train move.
Just one flick can make the train reach the station. Easy to retry, so you can lightly try it over and over.

*A mate with eye glasses will kindly teach you how to play.
As you proceed with the game, a mate with eye glasses will show up at the right place at the right time to teach you how to play.

*There are a total of 48 stages.
There are four cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Aichi and Tokyo, and each city has 12 stations (stages). As the city changes, the obstacles such as wind, switch and enemy will come in, so you won't get bored.

*The trains you can operate.
The normal train "Train".
The easy going "Locomotive".
The speed master "Shinkansen".
* Locomotive and Shinkansen need to be made available during playing the game.

* Child lock setting in the places for advertising, charging and accessing outside websites.
The buttons for charging, advertising and accessing outside websites are all set at child lock. It prevents a small child to mistakenly operate the game.

The stations in the game actually exist, but their order and routs may differ from actual ones.