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Sujester is the new way to research travel ideas and organise your travel future.

Search through the Sujester travel moments on destinations all over the world by tapping the red Sujester box. If you like a moment ‘add it’ to your wishlist or if you come across a moment you’ve already done then let Sujester know when you did it, and what you thought of it, and it’ll go onto your very own travel timeline.

By answering questions and contributing moments, Sujester learns about your travel preferences and will start to recommend moments more suited to you.

Create future trips by grouping moments together on the timeline.

Already have a destination in mind? Use the Globe function to search through moments by destination. Simply move the position of the globe to the preferred destination and then tap the pins to view the moments. Pinch the screen to drill down to city level.

Try contributing your own moments to let the Sujester community see your travel highlights.

There are also badges to be won for contributions, creating trips, adding moments to your wishlist and timeline and much more. See how many you can get!

Create a profile to help Sujester learn more about you.