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Lantern Chess - Online and More

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Lantern Chess lets people play, watch games, and chat on the Internet Chess Club. Anyone can 'Connect as Guest' and play unrated online. Paid membership accounts can use Lantern but Free Trials need to login on a trial approved interface. The 'Board' tab has three boards(starts on ICC Board) and openings study and engine play work when not connected to ICC.

The 'Board' tab starts displaying the ICC Board. The "Game" button on ICC Board when tapped brings up a menu to move to the Openings Board or Engine Board(as well as find opponents and top games/to watch). From these two board the user can tap 'ICC Board'(lower left) to return to the ICC Board. On the ICC board there is a board console.

Lantern Chess includes a multi color console and users can change the chat send prefix to things like tell (channel #) (for chat speed- choices are recent channels chatting). Double tapping on a type of chat, like a channel message, will focus in on it and only show that specific type of chat till the user double taps on console again for full view. All text can be colorized to the user's choice in Settings. If the console input area is not set to a send prefix, typing is in command mode. Long pressing and releasing on Url's in console opens Safari. Pinching on a persons profile or game history that is displayed in the console will remove it.

The Chess engine offers chess at multiple levels as well as three variants of chess which are crazyhouse, loser's and atomic. Change from chess to a variant or modify difficulty in the engine board's "Game" menu - new game.

The openings database begins at move one and the user makes moves to see what the openings in the database are. The database is made from high rated FIDE games. The idea is to see, similar to a computer's opening book, what would be played at this position.

There is an in app purchase for some additional functionality in studying openings and adds two extra variants to the engine - giveaway and three checks. The added openings study features are to add notes to positions and mark moves with colors(green, yellow, red). Showing the control bar on the Openings Board brings up more on this and the purchase option.