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Gravity Guru

iPhone / iPad
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  • Puzzle
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Gravity Guru Description


Gravity Guru is a fun physics-based puzzle to test your logic, patience, and fine motor skills.


Tilt your device to bounce and steer the ball through a maze of colored walls and flashing gateways toward the white star portal at the end of each level as quickly as possible.


The core gameplay is based on three things:

1) When the ball bounces off of a wall, it changes its color to match the color of the wall.

2) Each level is composed of several rooms, separated by gateways.To pass through a gateway, the color of the ball must match the color of the gateway.

3) At the end of each level is a white star portal that transports you to the next level; the ball must be white to enter the star portal.

For a video tutorial on how to play Gravity Guru, please visit our YouTube channel:


Your score starts at 10,000 and continually decreases 10 points per second until either the game is paused, or the all three levels are completed in succession. If the all three levels are completed in succession, you will be shown a Congratulations screen that will display your final score and invite you to take a screenshot. Your screenshot of the Congratulations screen showing your final score is required for entry into our high score contest, which features a cash reward for the winner.


A prize of $200 USD will be given to the person who beats Gravity Guru with the highest score before June 1st, 2014. To submit your score for consideration:

Step 1) Beat Gravity Guru (complete Levels 1-3 in succession).

Step 2) Agree to the contest terms.

Step 3) Take a screenshot of the Congratulations screen at the end of the game (which will display your final score) and email it to us. For complete contest terms and details, click on the Contest button from the Gravity Guru main menu.