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Dollar Candy: Win real money matching tiles in 60 second puzzle contests

iPhone / iPad
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  • Puzzle
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"Win money playing 60-second puzzles from the comfort of your mobile or tablet." - Online Casino Archives

"Kick back and win some cash." -Tech Cocktail

"Most states in the U.S. have strict gambling laws. However, since Dollar Candy is a skill game, all elements of luck have been removed. Players can legally win money in 36 states. " - American Entrepreneurship

What is it?

Dollar Candy is the ONLY tile matching puzzle game in the App Store where you can make money! Why play poker, blackjack or roulette when you can get much better odds and *you can control the outcome*?! The better you get at matching tiles, the more you win!

• Match as many tiles as you can, in 60 seconds of fast, addictive fun.
• Beat 1 to 3 other people and win cash. Make up to $300 a game. Entry fees from $.09.
• Super generous odds in tiny four-person tournaments. Blows away the paltry odds on poker, blackjack and roulette.
• Play recreationally or competitively.
• No robo-cheaters or newbie hustling.

Restrictions: You must be 18 years or older to play. Not available in some U.S. states: . A login, and geolocation is required to comply with state regulations.

How much can I make / win?

Prizes range from 9¢ to $300. You choose the prize payouts for your games, based on your choice of entry fee and level. Lower entry fees have lower prizes. Higher entry fees have higher prizes. Casual games have smaller prizes, spread among many winners. Intense games have larger prizes, spread among fewer winners.

What level of game should I choose?
There are three levels of games: casual, medium or intense.
1. Casual games: for relaxed, casual fun. 3 out of 4 players win every game, and "spread the wealth" of many small prizes to many players.
2. Medium games: larger prizes and more competitive than a casual game, but not quite as much as an intense game.
3. Intense games: for the most skillful looking for the most action-filled excitement. Largest prizes and fewest winners.

When do higher entry fee games become unlocked?
Penny games are always unlocked. Mini dollar games are unlocked after you play 1 game. Big buck games are unlocked after you play 5 games.