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BraveCam™ is much more than an app to record video. It’s a powerful tool that turns your iPhone into a data and video acquisition device, taking advantage of the A8/M8 Apple technology.

The recorded video shows this information with a map and the additional data, everything fully synchronized. This can be very helpful to analyze a ski descent, evaluate a rally/motocross race or study the acceleration data when surfing, among other things. At the end it will allow you to edit, play and export the video from fantastic data graphs, convert parts of it to slow motion - 240 fps - or time lapse (combining them with the video at normal speed), upload directly to YouTube and/or Facebook, and export KML and GPX track files. Finally BraveCam also can be executed without hands, using a gesture system.

BraveCam is an app developed to provide iPhone users a one of a kind experience, making your iPhone brave.

-On screen battery level.
-On screen GPS signal status.
-Maximum recording time and much more.
o Energy saving with an automatic switch off.
o GPS Resolution.
o Start/Stop sound alerts.
o Video recording resolution:
•1280 x 720 (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - 240 fps | iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPhone 5s - 120 fps | iPhone 5 - 60fps | All - 30 fps)
•1920 x 1080 ( iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - 60 fps | All - 30 fps)
o Tracking mode (without video)
o Distance and speed units (foot/meter o kph/mph)
o Language (english, mandarin chinese * and spanish*)
o Computer vision and Intelligent IMU based interface controllers so you can use the app without touching the screen.
o Manual and auto focus
-Export and play videos in slow motion and fast motion (time lapse) with fully synchronized data.
-Video playback:
o Video and audio.
o Video and accelerometer synchronization
o Video and analogic/digital speed synchronization
o Video and altitude
o Video and compass synchronization
o Video and elapsed time synchronization
o Video and maps synchronization
- Recording and on screen display tracking with:
o GPS coordinates, latitude and longitude.
o Relevant position landmarks with data and time, as:
• Start/End points.
• Maximum speed.
• Maximum and minimum altitude.
• Maximum acceleration.
o Export tracks to KML and GPX file formats and track display with Earth.
o Share your favorites KML tracks (logs) by email.
- Export videos with overlay images with analog and digital speed, altitude, elapsed time, accelerations and compass. This allows playing your favorite videos in your computer and television.
-Share your videos through social networks:
o In your YouTube channel.
o In your Facebook account. An image of the video and a link to the YouTube uploaded video will be automatically uploaded to your Facebook wall.
-General statistics like average speed, maximum speed, maximum and minimum altitude, elapsed time, total distance, maximum and minimum accelerations in 3 axes, etc.
- Graphic display (X/Y) where you can select playing the video between two selected points or export it with a part of the video in normal speed and another in slow motion or time lapse. For instance you can play an exact moment where you increase your speed or where you get the maximum G force.
o Altitude VS Total distance.
o Altitude VS Elapsed time.
o Speed VS Elapsed time.
o G force (3 axes) VS Elapsed time.

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