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ciysys Property Management System

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This app is for suitable for hotel, hostel, motel, B&B or guest house owners to manage their room reservations and inventory.

+ Able to email the booking details to the guests.
+ A breezy way to view the room availability and occupancy on the calendar. This allows you to handle the enquiries easily.
+ Able to check the room availability for any date - the app keeps track of the number of rooms that are sold for the day and rooms which remain as available.
+ The screen is user-friendly and easy to use. With the ‘clean’ design and user-friendliness in mind, we made this app intuitive and easy to use.
+ Upon running the app for the first time, it will show the list of actions to be done by the user. This checklist is useful for the first-time user.

Booking Process
+ Able to perform check-in immediately after booking. For walk-in guest to make a booking, the app will prompt for immediate check-in. This speeds up the check-in process.
+ Able to email the booking details to the guests.
+ Allows user to assign room by choosing it from the pop-up list.
+ Able to calculate the booking charges.
+ Able to undo check-in in the event of checking the wrong guest in.
+ Able to undo check-out in the event of checking the wrong guest out.
+ Able to cancel the booking and undo the cancellation.
+ Able to mark the booking as ‘no show’ and undo the ‘no show’.

Regular Guests
+ Able to maintain the regular guests information. For walk-in guests, you may skip this step and speed up the booking process.
+ Able to search the regular guests by name, email address and passport/ID number.
+ Able to view the bookings made by the guests from the guests profile.

+ Currently, the app has two reports: (1) next 7 days occupancy and (2) bookings for the day. You may preview the report on screen and then email it to the management.
+ Able to email the reports to the management.
+ Breakfast list (print through the daily booking list screen).

What the app cannot do
- This app is developed for single-user and single-device only.
- The data will not sync to iCloud.
- This app is not able to interface or communicate with any third party software or hardware (such as PABX and key card system).
- This app is not able to handle tax, discount, surcharge, redeem voucher/coupon, etc. It can handle nett room charges only.
- This app is not able to keep track of the no-show fee.
- This app is not able to keep track of the room status such as dirty or clean.