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Call Numbers

iPhone / iPad
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Version 1.0 (February 2014)

CALL NUMBERS is an alphanumeric converter that quickly translates phonewords into standard telephone-number form.

Phonewords are undeniably useful mnemonic devices. They provide a helpful way to remember telephone numbers by replacing the digits with letter equivalents to form easy-to-remember words, such as 1-800-CALL-NOW®.

Alphanumeric equivalents are based on the standard telephone-keypad mapping recommended by the International Telecommunication Union.

But today’s smartphones and QWERTY keyboards often randomly pair letters and numbers or assign a separate key for each character, making phonewords impossible to decipher.

With CALL NUMBERS, phonewords no longer pose a problem. Simply enter a phoneword. It is translated as you type, and the corresponding telephone number is displayed in standard numeric form.

Press the Call button to dial the number. Or Save it to your contacts.

CALL NUMBERS is a simple solution to a common conundrum. Download your copy today.

CONCEPT DESIGN: Pamela San Miguel

1-800-CALL-NOW® is a registered trademark of New England 800 Company.