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A Year As An iPhoneographer.

With his iPhone 4s, the app ‘Camera+’ and East Lothian and the rest of Scotland at his doorstep, digital media specialist and iPhonographer Colin Usher, shares a glimpse into his year.

#COLINUSHER is a collection of pictorial moments: playful, opportunistic observations of objects and scenes that simply caught his eye while out and about.

The photographs which make up this book were all shot between Nov 2012 and Nov 2013.

From the foreword by Lloyd Jerome:

Colin Usher’s made a book.

When I heard that, it gave me a particular frisson, because I know Colin, and I know what he does. He takes ordinary ideas and does something to them so that they become fresh and memorable.

So. Colin has made a book. It’s a “coffee table book”; something that you open with a vague sense of piqued interest, and, before you know it, you’re engrossed. And smiling. And thoughtful.

He does have a way with pictures. When he was a photographer for the late, great “The Face” magazine; back in the early 90s, (in the days when we weren’t all photographers) you could spot his pictures from all the others, then. They were distinctive.

Now he’s an “iphonographer”, taking pictures with the best camera in the world (the one you carry with you) and still capturing the world in a way that makes it feel fresh. Making it a place you want to see more of. And, of course, he hasn’t gone down the route of printing it on paper; why would he move out of the digital medium, in which he surfs so adeptly, when there is so much potential? So the book has a plasticity that is impossible on the printed page.