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TheBikeFit – Video record your bike setup using a turbo trainer, analyse, adjust and then share your results.

iPhone / iPad
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  • Health & Fitness
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TheBikeFit app has recently been featured in:

Triathlon Plus Magazine. May 2014 edition (UK)

NZ Bike Magazine. May 2014 edition

Use the power of your iPhone to capture video of you cycling on your own bike, in your own home and then analyse your chosen images at your leisure.

Bike fitting is a complicated process that requires the skill of a trained professional who will incorporate many aspects of both you (e.g. your morphology, fitness, flexibility, medical history) and your bike (e.g. its geometry, size, components) and set you up for the style of riding appropriate for you.

This app cannot and does not aim to replicate that highly bespoke process, but what it does do is provide you with the tools to record, detail and share all aspects of your bike set up enabling you to learn and understand how you and your bike can work better together!

Key Features

•Keep records of the set up on all of your bikes, from your winter trainer to your time trial favourite.
•Record different fittings for each bike.
•Each fitting can have multiple videos associated with it and you are free to select any images from these videos for further detailed analysis.

•Use the angle measuring tool to analyse your cycling position in detail.
•Record, edit and review angles measured before saving and sharing.

•Enrich the records with the option to include details about your bike, be they specific measurements, observations or just general comments.
•Use the favourite button to give you instant access to your most important records.

•Once you have the fitting saved on your phone why not share photos of you on your bike with friends via social media?
•Twitter, Facebook and email options are all available.

•Share videos from the app with your colleagues or your coach for some expert advice and some instant feedback.

Please note
•This app does NOT provide you with a step-by-step guide to bike fitting. It is a tool to allow you to measure your set up enabling you to understand more about this important element of your cycling experience
•The app is optimized for the latest devices running iOS7, but will work on older machines, however video analysis is processor intensive and can be slow on older devices.
•We only recommend sharing video files over a Wi-Fi connection because of the large file sizes.
•Sending video or photos by phone can be data intensive, so please be sure you do not incur costs from your mobile operator when sharing files.