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AnnotCollab-Annotate PDF offline alone or annotate PDF in the Cloud together

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Annotate PDF online.

AnnotCollab is for Cloud Collaboration and Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) on iPad.

Annotate PDF document in the Cloud together with your coworkers. Annotations are synchronized in real time to all participants.

AnnotCollab supports both annotation collaboration in the Cloud and offline annotation. For annotation in the Cloud, a PDF can be annotated at the same time by up to 5 participants. The annotations from each participant are synchronized to the others in real time! It thus allows cloud collaboration for participants located in different places of the world.

A group of engineers can review a technical document in the Cloud simultaneously and put in their review comments as annotations, without the need to meet face-to-face. This real-time collaboration feature can help companies with offices and clients located all over the world.

Students of an online course can review a document of a group project "together" in the Cloud, even though they are physically far away from each other.

A new PDF document can be created by team members in different geographic locations. Each member can create a paragraph or a page. Everyone can read the work of others in real time.

A document can be signed by different people at the same time.

A salesperson outside can fill a form when working with a customer and the information is shared simultaneously with others inside the company.

A presentation can be shown in the Cloud, and the presenter can add comments in real time to show the audience.

A form can be filled at the same time by people in different locations.

In addition to the NEW in Cloud mode, AnnotCollab also supports the traditional offline mode annotation. A PDF can be annotated offline by one user alone. With a newly redesigned drawing engine, AnnotCollab is better than most of the Annotation App in the market. Annotation can be used to fill forms.

Please check the website for videos showing collaboration of two iPads. The website also contains plenty of the screenshots.

* Share annotations with others in real time;
* Set up Rooms for document collaboration by assigning participants with colors;
* Support freehand drawing/writing, text input, highlighter and eraser for annotation, both online and offline.
* Support creating empty PDF. So contents can be put in by participants in the same time.
* Support filling PDF forms using annotation.
* Dropbox integration;
* File management for local storage and Dropbox account. New interface for synchronizing files between iPad and Dropbox.
* Built in help file and QuickStart document with detailed steps to get started.
* Support Open-in and iTunes Sync.