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Daily Sudoku Game

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Now time to Sudoku!
Japanese-style maze. Japanese "numbers must be single", meaning "Suuji wa ni kagiru dokishin" is the abbreviation Sudoku nowadays, Asia, Europe and North America that spans a very popular game. Number Place in the United States (figure placement) game, known as Diamond name in Turkey since 1994, and between us.
Which is one of the world's most coveted games of this puzzle, the letters are used instead of numbers. Numbers have nothing to do with mathematics, but of playing Sudoku does not require knowledge of addition or multiplication.
Hints are given according to the degree of difficulty of a puzzle. Given some tips taken, and executing the logic is played. Between the United States that ravaged the country, including more than 100 Sudoku, a number puzzle that intellectual intelligence power developer. On the bus, on the train, at lunch, recess is a game that can easily play.