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World Sports Trivia

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How good is your knowledge of SPORTS TRIVIA?

In this totally FREE GAME, speed your way around the GLOBE to answer questions by finding the correct location on the Map and dropping Pins.

@@ Are You a SMARTY PANTS? @@

**Do YOU know the answers to these questions?**

Question: Which country is hosting the 2016 Olympics?

Question: Which country homes the most golf courses in the world?

Question: In which city does Lionel Messi play club football?

Get hooked on the latest SPORTS TRIVIA CHALLENGE with hundreds of great questions across:

Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Tennis, Formula One, Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League.


**Try it now for FREE!** - and see how good you really are!

10 Sporting codes with 10 Levels per Code.

RACE against the CLOCK to earn maximum points while challenging yourself and your friends via GAME CENTER and Social Media.

BE QUICK! You have 60 seconds to find the correct location on the map and then drop pins to see if you are right.

If not, you’ll be told the distance from where you are to the winning location and you’ll need to be quick to work out where the right locale is!

EARN POINTS - The quicker you are at finding the correct spot, the more points you will earn.

The further you progress the MORE DIFFICULT the questions – and the time limit gets SHORTER!


**A FUN way to test your knowledge of GEOGRAPHY and WORLD PLACES!**

Questions covering ALL the TOP SPORTS and athletes.

Watch our YouTube video for a game demo

Work your way up the Game Center ladder for each Sports code and the overall TOP for the Sports Trivia game.


**How about these questions?**

Question: In which city was Pele born?

Question: Where will the Winter Olympics be held in 2014?

Question: Novak Djokovic represents which nation in tennis?

++++CHALLENGE your FRIENDS via Game Center

The FASTER you are at answering the questions correctly, the MORE POINTS you can earn.


Great International Sporting Categories!

How much do you know about all these Sports?

x Football
x Tennis
x Golf
x Horse Racing
x Formula One
x Cricket
x Summer Olympics
x Winter Olympics
x Rugby Union
x Rugby League

……and these Questions?

Question: The Ashes is played between Australia and which other nation?

Question: Where is the Old Trafford Stadium?

Question: Where is St Andrews Golf course?

Question: Which country's horseraces run in the opposite direction to Britain?

Question: In which city is the Australian Open normally held?


Looking for a FUN way to learn GEOGRAPHY and the locations of cities and countries? Playing Sports Trivia does just that with helpful HINTS at how close you are getting to the correct location.

Test you Sporting knowledge and LEARN at the same time!

Bought to you from the home of FUN and CHALLENGING Trivia apps -

Proudly sponsored by bet365.