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Awesome Photo Booth of Illustrator Fun - The Arty Selfie Auto Hipstamatic Photo Cloning Sepia Camera Diamond Edition

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Entertainment
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Remember how fun it was to get a couple of friends together and take photo's in the good old photo booth?

There was always somebody not paying attention when the camera would go off and you would get that picture that seemed almost perfect with the exception of John picking his nose in the background.

But, hey that's what makes these memories so much fun. Right? So we have developed A Photo Booth of Fun! Why do we call it that? Well, to start, it's not just a Photo Booth app! It does take awesome Photobooth style pictures but we take it a couple of steps further. For example, being able to choose between 3 frames or 4 frames in a strip or in a square. Then you can put all of those awesome filters that make it look like it was taken in the 50's or something.

Go figure technology strives to bring the best look and quality of photos to us and we throw a filter on the picture to make it look like it was taken with a camera 50 years old. But hey that's what makes life great.... huh?

Now back to the good stuff. So where was I... we have multi shots... and filters... and, oh yes the coolest part yet.....

***Single shot feature*** ok ok.... easy there, I know that isn't that cool but what you can do with the single shot is AMAZING I promise! So hear me out. With a single shot photo (for those that are squinting their eyes and thinking what the heck is a single shot photo let me explain, it's just a regular photo not in a format of three or four photo's put together) whether you have taken the photo with our amazing app or you use one on your camera roll you can then do different things with it.

You can select the print and ship option and you can have your photo printed on a mouse pad, coffee mug, puzzle, huh yep I said puzzle and a bunch of other things and mail it to whoever you want or the second thing you can do is turn the photo into a post card and mail it to someone or yourself if you want to feel special. Tell me is that not cool or what?

So what are you waiting for? Download this app now and start having fun!!!