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Disk Mounter Pro - File Manager with WiFi USB Disk

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Disk Mounter is an application which connects smart phone to computer by wireless disk drive. You can use your smart phone as wireless removable disk at Mac / PC.
- Connecting Mac / Pc to smart phone through wireless disk.
- Sharing photo album in smart phone with Mac / PC through wireless disk folder.
- Transmitting data with high speed by using 8x Speed Booster 
- Supporting WiFi and Personal Hotspot network
- Network connection through Bonjour network from Apple
- Easy recognition of all functions at a glance by simple and clear design

It is designed data security system as the most important function. It is excellent to put your important files like source codes or certificate.
This app is designed to secure data as priority. Such important documents, source codes or certificates would be excellent to keep in the app. 

Now, change the concept of connecting USB memory into the port. Just swipe your finger to connect USB memory through wireless in Smart Disk.

You can always use and carry data conveniently and easily.
It has been difficult to pull the resources into your smart phone from another devices.
Here is perfect app for solving your difficulties with Smart Disk.
You can install disk mounter program on your Mac / PC for free.
You can download it at

web site : 

# Disk Mounter
You can mount the saved files in your smart phone to Mac or Window PC conveniently.
You can install disk mounter program on your Mac / PC from for free.

# MP3 Convert
Audio and Video files (WAV, M4A, MP4, MOV, M4V, etc) can be converted to MP3 files extracted just audio.

# MP4 Convert
Various video files (MOV, M4V, etc) can be converted to MP4 video files.

# Photo and Video Edit
All photos and video can be rotated and flipped.

# Music Album Artwork
Picture of music album can be changed and chosen from photo album of the smart phone.

# Secret Folder
Any important data can be saved and kept safely in "Secret Folder".
"Secret Folder" provides safe locking system, which consists of password and Touch ID.

# Music Player
You can play all of music files saved in your smart phone. Especially the streaming is maintaining at sleep mode or using other apps.

# Camera
You can take photos during video record and the screen is wider than original iPhone camera.
It is involving various functions like resolution, flash and autofocus.

# Voice Recorder
You can record voice anytime and anywhere you want. Especially recording is maintaining at sleep mode or using other apps.

# Text Editor
You can simply create text file and make your important notes.

# Folder
Most basic data will be saved in the section “Folder”, as well as the functions of camera, voice record and media player are also used in Folder.

# Album
Section “Album" manages all photos and videos. You can also take and save photos in Album as well as the saved files can be copied in other sections.

# Favorites
You can set often used files or folders with star shaped button, and you can find and use the data easily in this section.

# HTTP Sharing
You can share and manage the files in your smart phone on the web browser through HTTP server.

# FTP Sharing
You can share and manage the files in your smart phone on the web browser through FTP server.

# iTunes Folder
You can manage the files in the app through iTunes program.

# File Zipping and Unzipping
You can zip and unzip the files or folders.

# File Export
Smart Disk Explorer supports exporting functions such as printing, mailing, opening other apps, and saving image files as photos in album.

# App Lock Passcode
The locking system will be automatically activated to protect your important data when you close the app. It supports Touch ID for convenience and safe.