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When your buyer doesn't have enough cash to pay you, use this app to charge their credit card instead. Very useful when negotiating with potential buyers at garage sales, swap meets, and Craigslist.

This app is your credit card scanner but on your phone (just like the ones you see at the store, except this one doesn't require you to have the credit card reader machine, register as a merchant, minimum monthly transaction amounts, etc.). No square or stripe reader needed, just your phone.

To charge anyone's credit card, hold heir credit card up to the camera on your phone and this app will verify the card holder identity by asking a few simple questions then you receive the money immediately in real-time.

You can pay using a credit card, venmo, or PayPal.

Start shopping, paying, and receiving payments minutes after downloading this app. The only information needed is your login. To receive payments, all that is needed is the information PayPal needs, which is the email address you use for PayPal. The app will take care of the rest. And Since this app is using the standard PayPal payment system, this is automatically fully PCI compliant. Your sensitive data (credit card number, picture of credit card, CVV security code, expiration date, etc.) is never stored on this app or on our servers. Paypal is secure for online payments. We use Paypal, the largest online global payment processor, to process the online payments. Don't worry, you don't need an account with them. And we'll never share your information with anyone. Start sharing photos and sending money to each other securely within your social network of business partners, suppliers, vendors, etc. Quickly and easily seed this new social network with your friends you already have on Facebook. Pay your gardener, send money to family, and donate to your favorite charities for free with Paynet. Use this app to also sell your products (i.e. mobile commerce and retail), pay rent, run an auction, give money as gifts to friends and family (e.g. Western Union), receive payments, organize fundraisers/events, crowd funding, micro giving, etc. Payers and users can use iPhone's voice assistant to pay. E.g. Payers can say to this app "I want to pay $10" and the app will prepare $10 for payment. Also, if you are walking for charity, you can use this app to take a photo at each mile, then your friends can support your campaign by donating to you in the app. The sharing and giving nature of this app helps encourage each other to share and give more on a regular basis. This app gives companies and individuals a convenient way to pay and send money and receive money. The app processes credit card payments on mobile devices. It acts as a mobile credit card scanner just like traditional credit card readers but without having to carry the physical credit card machine with you. It also doubles up as a digital wallet so that individuals can donate, pay, and send money to non-for-profits, restaurants, landlords, and even other individuals similar to popular online retailers. You can also post a question (e.g. an IQ question or a riddle) with a photo and anyone who wants to guess the answer to the question can send you a monetary contribution by touching the P icon above your photo in the Paynet app. That person then enters her/his answer in the comments. The person who has the right answer first will win all the money contributed to your post. This is one example of how to utilize this app in a think-outside-the-box fashion. Paypal is a worldwide trusted brand for online payments. If there is any problems with the payment, PayPal is always available to help and refund the full amount. This guarantee is an advantage PayPal has over traditional payments made through a banks or using a checking account. Even when your friend doesn't want you to pay her/him, you can still pay her/him using this app. Check out the video at