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SPEAKall! Premium Plus

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NOTE: please view the product named SPEAKall! as we will continue to support that product and discontinue support for the SPEAKall!® Premium Plus application.

SPEAKall!® Premium Plus is an evidence-based therapy app specifically designed to introduce augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) in autism spectrum disorders and/or developmental speech and language disorders.

SPEAKall!® Premium Plus was originally developed by the Purdue University Program for Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) in conjunction with the Purdue AAC Research Lab and the Purdue Speech-Language Clinic. This application has been designed to help children and adults with little to no functional speech acquire an initial symbol vocabulary and learn the process of constructing simple sentences. Clinicians and caretakers can use SPEAKall!® Premium Plus to target functional communication skills and facilitate natural speech and language development. The app can be used within an exchange-based communication approach to make an easy transition from picture communication books. SPEAKall!® Premium Plus is customizable to each learner’s specific needs by allowing the clinician or caretaker to use recorded audio and custom images from any library or the iPad camera. When working with the application use graphic symbol sets and systems designed for AAC users to obtain the best results.

SPEAK MODalities LLC was formed as an outgrowth of the initial success of SPEAKall!® and is Purdue University’s exclusive licensee for this technology. It is our intent to continue developing significantly improved versions of SPEAKall!® and related future products based on ongoing feedback from users, clinicians, and caretakers. Our major goal is to make offerings that are affordable. We are dedicated to taking this app and upcoming developments from Purdue University in exciting new directions. Thank you for your continued support and please send us your feedback and ideas (

Product Features:

- Simple yet elegant look and feel interface
- Basic tracking of usage and learning statistics
- Spell and record voices for symbols in your own language
- Synthetic voices
- Manage multiple learners on a single device
- Switching between activity sheets while in play mode
- Adding literacy labels to symbols
- Learner profile settings that include locking mode selection, “one-touch” or “drag & drop” play mode selection, voice selection, switchable symbol order reset (random or fixed), and selection of activity sheets on a per learner basis
- Advanced media management and organization functions for grouping media
- Advanced media creation capability
- Simple activity sheet construction
- Per learner ordering of symbols and activity sheets