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Pearson Primary eBook

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The Primary eBook app provides primary school students and educators easy access to eBooks purchased from Pearson Australia. Users now have the flexibility of easily accessing their eBook content from anywhere – in class, at home or on the go! Add your notes, draw and zoom on any page or click the activity icons to jump to quizzes and games. App features: • Includes interactive activities such as quizzes (with immediate auto correct) and games to help the learning experience. • Add sticky notes to any page and quickly navigate to these later using the notes list tool. • Highlight and draw pictures with the free hand drawing tool (five colours available). • Options available to clear annotations on individual or all eBooks (especially useful for class sets of iPads). • Easy navigation with 3 main home screen tabs: view all eBooks, favourite eBooks or recently downloaded/opened eBooks. • Use the search function to locate and jump to any content within eBook. • Quickly browse through the eBooks: use the chapter list, flick through pages sequentially, type in the page number, or use page thumbnails to skip to any page. • For easy cross referencing, eBooks look like the printed version of the book. To access your eBooks on this app, you will need to log in to your Pearson Places account within the app using your username and password. All the Primary eBooks you have purchased that are compatible with this Primary eBook app will be downloadable. Attention secondary/high school students and educators: Please look for the Pearson eBook app for your eBook content, this version is just compatible with resources for primary schools.