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Anthathi are the poems composed by Abiraami battar. The 100 poems praise the Goddess Abiraami. To my knowledge, the story goes like this: People in Thirukadvoor (The place in which the Mother Abiraami is) were not liking Abirami Battar because of his abnormal behaviors. He was always enjoying with his immersed thoughts about the praise of the Goddess Abirami and not at all bothered about the worldly matters.
When the King of Tanjore, Saraboji made a visit to the town, these people told Abirami Bhattar and his abnormal behaviors. The King went to the temple to worship the Mother. At that time, Bhattar was in meditation thinking about Mother's glorifying face. At that time, King approached him with due respect and asked what the day (Thithi) it was. Without realizing the actual day as a New Moon Day (Amavasya), Abirami Battar mentioned to others that the day was a Full Moon Day (Pournami). Every one laughed at him.
The King went angry and ordered to burn him alive if his words (i.e., Full Moon Day) fail. He was put to test from a hanging platform with lots of fire underneath. Abirami Battar realized his statement and put the blame on Goddess Mother. He said to her that I made this mistake only because of you as I was immersed in your thoughts. He started singing about the Goddess Abiraami in 100 slokas, so beautifully sung. The songs come under a class of Thamil poetry called Anthathi". This means, the next" poem should start with the ending from the previous one. One should be able to appreciate the talents and God's grace in Abiraami Battar to sing all these beautiful 100 songs in one night. One more specialty of Abirami Anthathi is, there is no starting and ending. The first verse starts withudhikkindrasengathir utchi thilagam...." and the 100th "verse ending with" ......udhikindrave".
The end of the story goes like this: Goddess Abirami pleased and appeared kaakshi (before him and thrown her ear-ringThadanga orkundalam) in to the sky which (enlightened the whole sky like a full bright moon after Bhattar completing the 79th verse, "vizhikkearulundu vEdam sonna .....". Everyoneworshiped the Goddess and her majestic powers. The king requested his apologies to AbiraamiBattar.

1. Abrami Anthathi
* Songs will be helpful for the beginners to learn the Andhaathi.
* Songs supported in background mode, easy to handle the songs just by sliding to hear the song again.
* Lyrics available in English,Thamil (We can select different languages for lyrics using book icon in the top left corner).
* You can zoom the lyrics as per your convenient.
* BY default we can see Goddess Abirami pic as slideshow else we can slide right / left using buttons or by swiping it by your fingers.
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#Added Story of Godess Abirami.
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