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Attack on Blacksmith

iPhone / iPad
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Advancing in the weapon that made!

[Game Description]
Game to make a weapon Become a blacksmith, and Semekomu to enemy territory

[Weapons] created
Material is required to make a weapon.
Let's make a weapon with it because initial material are provided three pieces at the start of the game!

Tetsuhaatsuiuchiniute! !
The attempt to form by tapping the weapon weapon generation screen!
Status of the weapon is changed by the finish!

Let Kokorogakeyo equipment good balance because it takes time to become a sortie as strong weapon!

Also, you can be granted an attribute to the weapon later.
There are four types of water, electricity, wood, fire, attribute as follows characteristics of the attribute
Water resistant to fire, vulnerable to electrical
Electricity weak to strong tree in water
Tree strongly to electric, weak to fire
The strongly to wood, fire is weak to water
It is difficult to damage the weak attribute to give a large damage to a good attribute!

The attempt to set the unit weapons that made!

[Unit Settings]
Can be carried out by the tap to the left of the "Workshop" and "tool bag" icon "equipment" icon set of the unit!

Player, otherwise the CPU is red frame.
Let Rinmo the battle by setting the weapon to each!
I will fight aggressively status correction of times the CPU is because it takes the player!

You can manipulate the player, to sortie the CPU that the unit gauge at the bottom of the screen accumulates.
Become a victory in that to destroy the enemy base, it is losing the life of the player becomes zero.
You can get the material items at the end of the game.
The attempt to create a new weapon aggressively If you find a new material!

It will become more and more difficult with each passing stage.
Please work hard with the aim of clearing all stages.