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Ghoul hunting Tokyo Ghoul game

iPhone / iPad
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Fan production! Action game published that made you love - 喰種 Tokyo - Tokyo Ghoul!
The white destroyer of all the ghoul!

[Game Description]
I heard Ghoul is to have settled in phrase Yamamura. If you do not destroyer as soon as possible! ?
And trying to strengthen the weapon "Quincke" and bought a ghoul!

[Method of operation]
Life of players, number of enemies is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
Controller on the lower left of the screen, and operate the player.

A button: Jump
B button: attack
G button: guard, quickly triggered skills in two taps!

[Point of the game]
"赫子 - Kagune"
Deadly force of ghoul-specific.

· Hane赫 out in a square around like a feather (Ukaku)
• In metallic sturdy, Kinoe赫 leaving the scapula under around (wide angle)
· Uroko赫 leaving around the waist there is a power (outline)
O赫-like tail that is balanced (Bikaku)
There are four types of.

There are relative merits of compatibility, Hane赫 strongly to O赫, O赫 strongly to Uroko赫, Uroko赫 strongly to Kinoe赫, Kinoe赫 strong in Hane赫

Device that generates the "Kagune" artificially.
Special weapons [CCG] is successful in research and development, are allowed to use only ghoul investigators.
Possible strengthening of Quincke using the Kagune the clippings!
The skill is changed in accordance with the attribute of Quincke!
Skill exercises in that press twice quickly G button.

[Weapon] enhancement
Possible strengthening of Quincke is a weapon in Kagune obtained by defeating enemies.
Strengthening items as follows
· Hane赫: to have a skill speed up, defense down, missile, but can not be obtained Kagune even defeat the enemy with skill.
· Kinoe赫: counter can the G button to match the attack defense up, speed down, the enemy, able to demolish the rock on the field skill
· Uroko赫: possible to shoot a derived skill attack up, defense down, from skills
· O赫: attack up, defense up, the balance is good, but without skills

Status of weapons
DEF: Defense
Weight: wgt
Attributes of the weapon: SP

Attribute becomes the Kagune close by using the Kagune, it requires Kagune of many to enhance but, neutralized by using a Kagune to overcome the attribute, can be easily enhanced.
Let Kitaeyo weapons by using well the characteristics of the Kagune!

It will become more and more difficult with each passing stage.
Please work hard with the aim of clearing all stages.

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