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300 Games to Play with Your kids for Higher EQ

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Since when shall we start the EQ education for kids?
Higher EQ vs higher IQ, which one comes first?
Do you parents know how to cultivate kids’ high EQ?

Here we provide you with the best way of cultivating kids’ EQ --- playing games together with your children. Kids who enjoy the happiness in game enjoy their childhood. Play these 300 interesting games with your children, and enjoy the happy time with them together!

Based on the key period of kids’s character building, kids’ age, kids’ EQ development law, we specially design these parenting games and EQ stories. During playing games and telling stories, you can raise babies with high EQ, strong self-adjustment and powerful communicating skills. You will learn every tips for developing your babies in this app. Early education could be available at home by yourselves!

10 minutes of games and stories a day will give you a confident and creative baby with high EQ and IQ.

【Characteristics of the app】

120 exquisite game pictures
300 different parenting games for kids’ higher EQ
Increasing communication between parents and children
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

Kids need games. The games could stimulate their brain develop[ment!
--- Barren
What a marvelous app! It combines game with kids’ IQ and EQ development. We love it!!
--- Zombie
Lots of things to do for different age groups. I have insisted to play these little games with my boy for several days. He is becoming active!
--- Bubble

【About us】

“Cool reading” is our principle. We are devoted to providing readers with better and newer 4D reading materials!
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