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Soundlinks – Enriching content via listening

Soundlinks provide users a unique “magic” experience. Using Soundlinks technology enables audio and video content (not web pages) to become the main body to organize various information, interaction and transaction in real time. Like “QR-Codes” in image, when any audible content is being played back on air or online, many pre-programmed “QR-Codes” in the original sound track can direct users to enjoyable URLs recognized by the App, and thus triggering more interaction.

Using Soundlinks App while watching movie, TV shows, online video or listening to in-car radio, music or talk shows, one can simultaneously enjoy links to explore more content performers’ recommended merchandises, limited time offers, interactive online and fun offline event invites. (Of course, also works perfect with promo content from charities and NGOs.)

Using Soundlinks App, one can also create a personalized name card using featured sound clips as the media to deliver information. By playing the personalized audio, friends with Soundlinks App can receive each others’ name cards over the air.

Soundlinks can deliver technical services for every content creator to permanently and directly reach their audience, helping converting content traffic into extra value, especially suitable for content creators who need wide content distribution with closed-loop of monetization. Soundlinks services can create new applications in copyright tracking, content enhancement, audience interaction, brand marketing, and e-commerce direct sales. The trend list goes on, scenarios like exploring and buying while watching TV, taking notes automatically while listening in-car radio, enabling impulsive in-theater merchandise purchasing while watching movie, implementing sound-triggered cross-screen interaction, directing VR/AR to mobile entertainment, installing commercial on-site virtual hand-outs and more.

Soundlinks will help to open up new dimensions in content design, production, distribution and monetization, connecting everything while listening. Soundlinks team is open to collaborate with worldwide innovative content creators, distribution and delivery channels/platforms, brands and e-commerce operators, as well as technology and media partners, and will strive to enable more interactive and efficient content-to-monetization which will bring incremental value to all parties involved.

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