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iPhone / iPad
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  • Entertainment
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Listen to music and control it with your own motion and selections! Pheromusic provides five different musical scenarios called "soundscapes". In each scenario, music is generated automatically.

- Control the way the music is generated by tiliting your iOS device.
- Select a new soundscape on the screen.
- If you don't make a selection within 20 seconds, your device makes one for you.
- A machine learning algorithm is used to make the device remember your choices.
- Press and hold on a soundscape, to schedule the next without moving there immediately.

To navigate between soundscapes Pheromusic uses a nature-inspired algorithm to implement musical memory in an artificial agent. In nature, ants deposit pheromones when looking for food. The pheromone trails are used to locate the same food source in the future. In PheroMusic, an artificial agent navigates between a number of soundscapes. Users may make active choices and decide the next soundscape to which the agent moves. When a new soundscape is selected, an artificial pheromone trail is created, influencing the path taken by the user in the future.

The research leading to the development of this app has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 257906