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111 Business Tips for a successful Coffee House

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How can you learn how to best manage your Coffee House?

You could take some business classes. They are not cheap at all, but you could find out some of the general aspects of business management. Nothing applied to your own context, to your dream Coffee House.

You could read some books of some very famous and successful business persons. They will tell you all about how they did it. They will tell you almost nothing about how YOU can do it. They had the benefit of a context. You find yourself in a very different one. Their advices almost never work for the “regular” guys like you and me.

You could hire a business coach. That’s not a bad idea. It is also expensive though and it wouldn’t heart to learn the basics in a smarter way.

You could download THIS app.

Yes! THIS IS THE SMART WAY of finding out what are the PRACTICAL tips and advices you need when opening a Coffee House or Shop.
You know everything about Coffee making? Good.
Your Coffee is one of the best on the market? Perfect.
Is it enough so that your business will be a successful one? Definitely, no!
Just a good cup of Coffee will not make your Coffee House a profitable one.
Let’s face it! You need to get your brain “dirty”. You need to learn about:
- The practical reasons YOU start a Coffee House business. What do you need to understand even from the beginning regarding your STATE OF MIND
- The INGREDIENTS you need to develop in terms of statements, primary business decisions and values
- The simplest BUSINESS MODEL that your Coffee House will follow in order to survive economically
- What needs to be prepared in terms of marketing, branding and communication TOOLS so that you can start a healthy business Journey? What does you “backpack” need to contain? What is your TO DO LIST?
- How do you DEVELOP these and with WHOM? How do you select an agency specialized in developing your verbal and visual identity, your communication direction, your marketing materials, packaging, etc.
- What you need to look for and request when your Communication Tools are delivered
- How to check their success. Do they help you? Are they performing well, efficient and effective?
- What does Branding really means, how do you start a healthy brand management of your Coffee House?
All these you NEED to know.
All these you’ll find in the “111 Business Tips for a successful Coffee House”.

Is this app for you?
- If you are thinking starting or have already opened a Coffee House
- If you dream to retire and invest your money into such a business
- If you love Coffee and all the social activities that come along with owning a Coffee House
- If you are ready to get out of you comfort zone and deal also with some light business terminology
- If you want to decrease the chances of screwing it up
- If you understand the fact that offering Good Coffee at a fair price IS NOT the main ingredient of success in owning a Coffee House
… then
Yes, it is !

What you will not learn after reading “111 Business Tips for a successful Coffee House”?
- You will not learn how to make Coffee
- You will not learn what type of Coffee or mixt of products you need to sell
- You will not get interior design Ideas, Coffee Shop concepts or Creative idea, but you will receive a lot of practical examples
- You will not learn how to create a logo or how to name your Coffee House
- You will not get instant success, but you’ll know what you need to do in order to get there

Get the “111 Business Tips for a successful Coffee House” and get access to the first 40 Tips FREE of charge. If you like these first set get also the other 71 tips for just $4.99. It will be the most efficient investment you’ll do in your business education.
We wish you all the best with your Coffee House.